Convertible top repairs are rarely a do-it-yourself item. Few people have the tools and skills to do a proper job. Even a simple top such as on an MG or similar car requires proper tools and careful fitting. Below  is a list of common convertible top problems you may encounter:

'69 Skylark convertible

’69 Skylark convertible

  • Split from age
  • Shrinking
  • Dry and brittle
  • Water leaks
  • Plastic window yellowed or torn
  • Glass window separating from fabric
  • Worn out pads
  • Damaged headliner
  • Damaged well liner
  • Plugged drains
  • Motor problems
  • Hydraulic problems
  • Frame problems

Here at Import Trim we have installed countless convertible tops and are prepared to provide you with a professional installation using the finest products. Call or visit us with your questions soon.